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The Alliance for Transportation Working in Communities (ATWIC) is a special program within the Southwestern Pennsylvania Region’s metropolitan planning organization, the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC).  Its objective is to cultivate and support regional collaboration on efforts to improve transportation access in urban, suburban, and rural communities in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

SPC’s Alliance for Transportation Working in Communities is committed to making certain our region’s most vulnerable populations have reliable and affordable access to jobs and services. 

In order to strengthen transportation across the region, ATWIC solicits expertise and guidance from its coalition of stakeholders, The Alliance.

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Southwestern Pennsylvania
Public Transit-Human Services Coordinated Transportation Plan

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Kathy Stefani
P: 412-391-5590 x370
F: 412-391-9160



ATWIC Program Video Introduction

Kathy Stefani talks about SPC's ATWIC Program: its goals, and some recent activities.

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