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Coordinating Transportation

According to The Alliance, “coordinated transportation” is defined as follows:

Coordinated Transportation is an integrated network of transportation services that, through successful collaboration and resource sharing, provides affordable, reliable, and accessible mobility for all.


Download the Southwestern Pennsylvania
Public Transit Human Services Coordinated Transportation Plan,
(PDF, 7 MB)

Successful coordination of our region’s transportation system is dependent on the following:

  • Building strong regional support for an integrated transportation system.
  • Fully understanding the many transportation barriers facing our region’s diverse populations.
  • Engaging the appropriate entities to develop practical mobility-enhancement solutions for the residents of this region, especially those who are transportation-disadvantaged.

As a special program within Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, ATWIC is responsible for developing and maintaining the federally-mandated  Southwestern Pennsylvania Public Transit - Human Services Coordinated Transportation Plan (Coordinated Plan).

Implementation of the Coordinated Plan seeks to improve transportation options in the region through successful collaboration and resource sharing among human service agencies, transportation providers, workforce development groups, healthcare facilities, and government entities.  The primary goal is to alleviate gaps in service due to one or more of the following barriers:

  • Limitations in public funding
  • Availability and accessibility of service
  • Cost and affordability of service
  • Program policies and regulations
  • Education and information related to services

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